Hunter: The Reckoning Videospiel für die XBox One

White Wolf hat gerade verkündet, dass das 2002 veröffentlichte Spiel Hunter: The Reckoning ein Re-Release für die XBox One erhält:

“And so, we’ve come back. Just as we promised. Back to where it all began and our lives ended. We HUNT”

Playing Hunter: The Reckoning on a projector with my WW-fan friends in 2003. It sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it. The excitement of shouting out the names of the monsters of the World of Darkness as they appeared one after the other in glorious over-the top action incarnations is impossible to forget. It was pure gratuitous adrenaline-pumping co-op carnage in a tongue in-cheek reading of our most beloved setting. And now it’s back. The original version can be played on the Xbox One. I envy anyone who hasn’t played this.

Call your friends, it’s time to take back the night!

Martin Ericsson via Facebook: Hunter The Reckoning auf der XBox One

Eine sehr gute Neuigkeit, welche mich mit der Anschaffung einer XBox One liebäugeln läßt, da ich das Spiel tatsächlich seinerzeit verpasste.

Hunter: The Reckoning - Deliver Us From Evil - XBox One Edition
Hunter: The Reckoning – XBox One Edition

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